Skills to Keep Your Work Life Organized

Sometimes finding the right rhythm of productivity can be difficult. And with increasing demands from today’s anytime, anywhere workplace, it has never been more important. To get the most out of your day, you need to focus on these three segments of your life: Time, Space and Mindset. Time Humans are notoriously poor multitaskers, so […]

Will Drones Impact the Civil Process Service Industry?

Technology is a constantly fast-growing and changing field that shapes our lives and our businesses. The growing number of social media platforms and electronic documentation has already reshaped the civil process service industry. With new rules established by the FAA for non-hobbyist Unmanned Aircrafts in June 2016, drones have become a new asset for the […]

The Whistleblower Program

The IRS Whistleblower Office is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. The office was created under the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 to oversee the IRS Whistleblower Program, which is a critical part of overall enforcement and compliance. What is a Whistleblower? “Whistleblower” is a generic term that typically describes someone who […]

Torri’s Legal Services Has Joined the National Capital Area Paralegal Association

Torri’s Legal Services is pleased to announce that we have joined NCAPA, the National Capital Area Paralegal Association. We’ve found that this is a great way to connect with our clients and the legal community in the Washington, D.C. area, and are excited to continue to provide excellent services to NCAPA members. NCAPA is a […]

Service of Process Via Facebook: Unorthodox or Precedential?

Nowadays, courts around the country are allowing for process services to utilize social media accounts, such as Facebook. However, using social media doesn’t always have its benefits. A Brooklyn judge denied a woman’s request to serve her husband with a divorce summons via Facebook, finding she failed to prove he is an active user. According […]

International Process of Service to SCOTUS

Earlier in December, The Supreme Court agreed to settle whether The Hague Service Convention authorizes the service of process by mail. This has been an on-going question that has divided state and federal courts for decades. Just in case you didn’t know, The Hague Service Convention is a multilateral treaty which was adopted in The […]

Vote for Torri’s Legal Services as DC’s Top Process Server

The 2016 BEST OF LEGAL TIMES is open for voting! Torri’s Legal Services has been a finalist for the Best Process Server award in Washington, D.C. the past few years and we’re tremendously honored by this. We strive to provide every customer with exceptional service, and hope to take home the #1 spot as best […]

Serving Papers Safely

While the dangers of serving papers are nothing new to process servers, we’ve found that sometimes our clients don’t realize the risks and legal hassles that can result from sending an untrained process server into an emotionally charged situation. There are a few steps both clients and process servers can take to ensure that documents […]

Wacky State Laws

After 25 years of experience we’ve learned that all states have crazy laws. We do a lot of out-of-state service of process, which requires us to familiarize ourselves with the laws in many states. Sometimes we run into some odd ones, so we thought we’d share some of the wackiest laws we’ve seen. • Any […]

Is Your Witness or Defendant Incarcerated?

Serving legal documents to an individual in prison has its challenges. There are several factors that dictate the process, including whether the witness or defendant is in federal or state prison, the level of security and custody level, and the process of the prison housing the individual. Federal Prisons There are four custody levels for […]